September 24, 2014

Welcome to Autumn!

John and Diana CaseThe beginning of Autumn generally marks a slowdown in real estate activity as people know that the holidays are not far off (as of this writing, Halloween 37 days, Thanksgiving 65 days, and Christmas, 91 days).
A standard purchase of a resale home takes 30-45 days to market the home and about 30-45 days to close escrow. This means that there may be moving of Christmas Day, something many people may want to avoid.

However, for a Buyer, this is a great time to be in the market for the following reasons 1) Buyers and Sellers both seem to be out of the market during these days, meaning that as a Buyer you may encounter less competition for your dream home 2) Interest rates continue to be low. Why wait to buy when the Fed has clearly stated that interest rate would be rising in the first part of 2015? 3) With quick action, we can get you in your home 30 days after we get a contract from the Seller. You can still have Thanksgiving and Christmas in your new home this year.

For Sellers, you can take advantage of a couple of things to get you property sold. 1) You also have less competition with competing Sellers, as many wait until after the first of the year. Buyers will more likely look at your property since there will be fewer on market. 2) You can take advantage of the season by decorating your home with the signs of the season, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas. These decorations help the Buyer envision how their holidays might look once they purchase your home.

Think about it, less competition and both parties get what they want….this a time for everyone to get their holiday presents early!

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