January 4, 2014

The Buyers Challenge will end….sometime!

For all of the Buyers who have been having difficulty in getting an offer accepted……
This market will not last forever. It appears that we hit the bottom of the market at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2011. Since then, prices have been rising and those people who waited for the bottom jumped in and are in part the major reason why there are fewer Sellers in the market today. There will be a point where price stop going up, it may happen soon, it may happen later (my feelings are that it will be sooner than later) and at that point, getting the property you want will be much easier. Like Buyers who look to buyer at the bottom, Sellers look for the point where they can get the top price for their property. Almost always, they will miss the top and will then have to make a decision, sell now or hang on? I suspect they will sell to get what they can, even if prices are falling. At that point, Buyers will have the advantage and be able to negotiate prices and ask for repairs and closing credits…..and get them!
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